F is for Feminism

Flow emboldens the rising generation to build gender equity through personal development, interactive discourse, and feminist advocacy.

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Our Herstory

FLOW is the unlikely product of a feminist book club, a coffee house community hub, six innovative women, a few bottles of wine, and the unmistakable desire millennials have for social justice.

Despite their varying stories, when the Board of Directors came together to dream about what FLOW might bring to Dallas, there was an instantaneous place of connection: women. The Board believed that if they could share their unyielding passion for gender equity with the community, real advancement of women would be achieved in their lifetime.

FLOW seeks to introduce an inclusive and success-focused feminism to Dallas' rising generation by providing a place that acts as an intersection between all genders, sexual identities, and races so that they might come together and build their vision of true equality.

Our Supporters